Thursday, August 22, 2019

Turning the Lights Back On...

...for a little while, anyway.

Good god, it's been a long while since I've visited this little hidden corner of the internet where I used to say a bunch of things.  I see that it pretty much ends with my getting married back in December of 2014.  That makes all kinds of sense, really: off the page and into the real world.  Navel-gazing - even public navel-gazing like this - kinda takes a back seat when you're part of an us and not just a you anymore, and that is as it should be.

So why am I back?  Why now, asked no one in particular since there's no way in hell that anyone who used to read this has had any reason to stop by in the last four-plus years or so?  Well, it's got to do do with that real world thing I was just rambling on about.  I'm about to start a new blog, one very separate from this one, dealing with things a lot bigger than the dad-rock dissertations that eventually became Turned On Its Ear's bread and butter.  It's a huge project that I'm about to take on, one that I'm simultaneously proud of and terrified by, and one that I know deep down in my heart that I absolutely need to see through.

Much like a former athlete that settled down and discovered the majesty of beer and wings, I feel out of shape.  The truth is that I haven't done much writing since my last posts on here.  I'm ashamed of this; while there are indeed very good reasons why I've neglected my craft, and they form the very core of the new project I'll be talking about more once I'm closer to launching it, the simple fact is that I've let my linguistic muscles get a touch flabby.  Just like the former athlete eventually makes his walk of shame up to the attic to reclaim his old workout gear because he knows it's time to pull it together, so have I reappeared here.

At least for the time being.  Once I'm back in shape and ready to get going on it, the Big New Project will likely occupy most of my writing time.  It'll be serious stuff though, so I suppose it's possible that keeping this place alive as a fun distraction to bullshit about dad-rock might have its place as well.  I really don't know yet - these are all just the first baby-steps towards far bigger things, and I'm still trying to plan it all out.

But plans are worthless without tools, so it's time to get writing and get sharpening.  If there is indeed anyone still reading here, it's very nice to make your acquaintance once again.

And if not, well, maybe I'll hand out some flyers or something...

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