Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gone Again, Home Again

It's a funny thing: I held this post for today, in the fear that anyone who's still got an eye on this dusty little corner of the intertubes would see a new post on April 1st and fear the Fools Day thing was going on.  Okay, maybe not "funny".  Maybe "neglectful" or "I need to find the time to..." or "Holy shit, it's APRIL and I've not posted on my blog yet this  year", but certainly not "lazy".

Since last we spoke, I've gone back to school for a CCNA course that taught me both (a) that I can in fact be a student again regardless of how poorly college ended for my younger, undisciplined ass back in the day, and (b) I still have a bit to learn about corporate-level computer networking.  Which I am currently learning instead of writing, but that's surely a temporary condition: once the career-change thing is nailed, writing - and the time for it - become easier commodities to obtain.  (That whole bit about starving artists?  Utter bullshit - I defy you to find anyone who's written/created anything good while wondering how the bills will get paid, resumes aside.)

Rhea and I are also planning to really, Really, REALLY get married this year.  The process of sorting this out is utterly, completely ridiculous; anyone who tells you that the path to Eternal Love doesn't lead straight past a bottomless money pit has clearly never attended a wedding expo in Westchester County.  Unlike the Cisco Certification stuff (which is completely uninteresting to anyone not in, or aspiring to be in the field), the wedding planning bit is ripe with blogging possibilities based on the remarkable absurdity of it all.  Here Comes the Groom, coming your way real soon-like, right here on this very channel!

While the dust has been collecting, I've received several comments and/or emails relating to various old entries.  I'll be replying to 'em over the next week or so if I haven't already - thank you all for reaching out, and please accept my sincere apologies for the fact that my busy-ness sometimes leads to tardiness.

And as for the silent visitors documented in my page-counts, thank you for still checking in as well.

See you all soon!

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