Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 Holiday Series Intro: "Christmas Present"

So, yeah: it’s the most wonderful time of the year again.  And just like your average brain-dead Hollywood executive, I’m not at all above rockin’ a sequel to last year’s success.  Just like most sequels, this one will be scaled down a bit from the original; unlike half of most sequels, I promise it will at least have some moments that rival the original.

I’ll pause here for a moment to take a question: “Will, what in the good hell are you talking about?”  Gotcha; let’s backtrack a bit.  Last December, I did a daily series called 31 Holi-Days, in which I posted some sort of seasonal-themed rant/reflection every day throughout the month of December.  The statistics show me that it was the most popular thing I’ve done thus far here at Turned on Its Ear, and my own inner critic tells me that it’s probably the best of my various series as well.  So why not head back to the well?  Honestly, writing last year’s edition was one of the most fun things I’ve done for this blog – and no matter how snarky I may get about it at times, I do truly love the holiday season.

This year’s sequel will be a bit different, mainly in that it will not be a daily feature.  Two reasons for that: first-and-most, I’m far more employed this year than last.  While that will make this a far happier Christmas, it also leaves me with significantly less free time this year.  Secondly, even a math-challenged writerly type like me knows that there are thirty-one days in December.  That’s thirty-one entries I’ve already written on the subject, and I’m fairly certain that strict enforcement of the one-a-day rule for a second straight year would lead to more reruns, topic-wise, than I’d like.  Instead, this year I’m going to set a two-per-week minimum; at the very least, there will be one new post in this series by the end of the evening every Wednesday and every Sunday this month.  Those aren’t strict deadlines: if one week’s posts land on Tuesday and Saturday, so be it.  There may also be more than the minimum promised, should additional inspiration strike; after all, who in the history of Santa Clause [sic] has ever complained about getting more Christmas presents (or, in this case, Christmas Present-s; and yes, you may groan at that sad, shameless pun) than promised?

First entry sometime between now and midnight on Wednesday, then.  In the meantime, why not click right here and either discover or revisit last year’s 31 Holi-Days?

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