Monday, November 5, 2012

The Big Catch Up

My apologies for the radio silence around these parts recently.  Mostly, I’ve been becoming acclimated to a new job and the new schedule that comes with it.  This is a very good thing, actually, but the one-two combo of getting used to my life becoming more rigidly scheduled once again along with learning a whole new set of professional skills hasn’t left me much time to play here in my little sandbox on the side of the Information Superhighway.  So here’s the plan: in this one Franken-post, we’ll catch up on what’s been going on life-wise since last I visited these pages (was it really just after the Bob Mould concert back in September?  Yikes!), and from there I’ll get back to doing exactly what I used to do around here, once again on a more frequent basis.

The Job: I’m dispatching limousines.  It’s not something I ever contemplated doing before the opportunity fell in my lap, but truth be told it’s a lot of fun.  The job itself is interesting, the people who run the company I work for are absolutely delightful, and knowing that there’s a steady paycheck coming in once again has made me calmer in a way I’d barely thought possible back when I was desperately writing posts like this.  Time-wise, it dovetails beautifully with my plans to begin getting my computer networking certifications and – these last few weeks aside – it should leave me time to begin writing regularly again as well.  It will also put me in the correct frame of mind to accomplish those things: friends, it is truly amazing how much peace of mind knowing that the bills are paid can afford a person.  And it’s even more amazing what you can get done with the rest of your time, having said peace of mind in your back pocket.

The Storm: I don’t really know what I can say about Hurricane Sandy that a million others haven’t already beaten me to.  My family lost power for just under forty hours, and our porch is a few windows worse for the wear.  Compared to what others not very far from here have lost, none of the above is particularly even worth a mention.  My loved ones are all safe, and my roof still lives above my head.  For all of this, I am humbly grateful.  If anyone more deeply affected by the storm is reading this and needs something that I can provide, what’s mine is yours.

The Election: Yeah, I know, it’s all pretty grim.  Here’s my advice: shut off the TV, click off your Facebook, and think for a couple of minutes about your core values.  Then think about the two major candidates for the presidency.  Accept the fact that neither of them is going to be a perfect – or likely even a kind-of-good – fit, and choose the one that will cause you less lost sleep.  For myself, I’ll say the following: many of my friends are gay, female, or just plain not economically advantaged.  I refuse to vote against their rights and/or general well-being, and you may draw your conclusion about whom I will be pulling the lever for from that.  I too wish there were a better choice than either candidate, but as a bunch of economically privileged old farts will be once again singing (for up to $750 a ticket) in the near future, you can’t always get what you want.  Try, then, to keep as much of what you need as you can.  Beyond that, I’ll leave the politics to the political bloggers and move on to truly important topics like…

The Aerosmith album: I really, really want to like it.  Three or four spins in, I just don’t yet.  I’ll do a full review in a few days, when I’ve either (a) convinced myself that it’s pretty good after all, or (b) decided to be honest about it.  The playing is largely fine – far better, in fact, than most of what clogged up their last few albums.  The songs on the other hand are mostly mediocre, and the abundance of recycled lyrics makes me sad and irritated.

The next post on this blog: Before the end of the week, scout’s honor.  To use a timely metaphor, the lights are once again on.

As always, thanks for reading – and thanks for suffering my occasional pauses.

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