Thursday, August 2, 2012

Help Me a Bit Here

Late 30's male, non-smoker, no drugs seeks more permanent employment.  Currently in a freelance situation which, while certainly a good-time kind of thing, isn't exactly providing me with the stability I'm looking for.  I'm good with computers and technology, writing/grammar, customer relations, inventory control, young people and old people (and both at once!), and I'm a very fast, eager learner.  Perhaps more than any of that, I'm very good at dealing with difficult people and uncomfortable situations through a patented* blend of humor, logic, a calm, non-threatening tone and several other secret ingredients.  What else is great about me? Glad you asked: I'm punctual, dependable, completely disinterested in interpersonal office politics, well-organized, good with time management, and well versed in the art and importance of keeping things discussed in confidence to myself.

In terms of employment, I'm a very good date who's currently highly interested in something more.  Westchester County preferred, but certainly open to the idea of commuting to New York City for the right opportunity.  Your picture** gets my resume: wzificsak AT gmail DOT com.

(So, what's in it for you, dear 'Turned On Its Ear' readers?  Well, less time in employment/financial flux means MORE TIME FOR BLOG POSTS!  It's win-win, folks!)

* - not actually patented in the legal sense, but you catch my drift.
** - picture not really required.

Seriously, though, if you know anybody and you happen to pass this along, I'd be much obliged.

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