Sunday, May 20, 2012

Time Everlasting, Time to Play B-Sides

...but no time to update the blog.  Apologies for turning this into the all-Aerosmith channel lately, but I've had no time to slow, as the song referenced in the title of this post says next.  Which is really grinding my gears, because there's so much to blog about.  Did you know that I somehow ended up witnessing a live performance by one-time American Idol "metalhead" James Durbin two nights ago?  Of course you didn't, and how would you given that I write posts in my head all the time and never seem to manage to sit down long enough to type 'em out these days.  So consider this one both a teaser and an IOU for more tales of rock 'n' roll adventure and nonsense in the coming few days.  Scout's honor.

Yeah.  James Durbin.  Really.  In the same room as that goofball and everything.  Watched him do a tribute to Ronnie James Dio that proved unequivocally that there is no way for the departed to return to Earth and strangle somebody.  Mock me or envy me, it's your choice.  Film at eleven.

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