Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meta: Life, Blogging Frequency, Web Addresses and Other Shenanigans

First off, point your browsers to www.turnedonitsear.com.  Swanky, huh?  I have absolutely no idea why it has taken me so long to buy that domain and set up a redirect, but better late than never.  It’s just the thing to simplify your life when you’re recommending this blog by this smart, funny dude who needs to update the damned thing more often.  Which you should do daily, whether the situation is appropriate or not.  Alright, so that last part’s a bit of a fantasy, but still: it’s easier than telling somebody, or expecting them to remember, that it’s “something about ears at Blogspot”.

Speaking of needing to update the damned thing more often: yeah, I know.  See that banner at the top that says “life, love, music and other shenanigans”?  The life part of that equation has been busy these last few weeks.  Somehow, I’ve stumbled into a gig teaching the basics of computer usage to folks a bit older – and a bit more daunted by the concept – than myself.  By “basics”, I mean just that, starting literally from how to turn the machine on and let it boot up.  If you’re chuckling right now, you’re proving why this is a business with a future.  What I’m offering is lessons without judgment or techno-babble; “computers without condescension”, as the tag-line goes.  Snicker if you must, but there are plenty of folks who’d love to learn how to email/Skype/etc. with their kids and/or grandkids, but don’t want to be made to feel bad about not natively knowing how.  It’s an idea whose time has come, I think.  It’s certainly an idea that, in a good way, has eaten up much of my time and creative energy of late.

It’s also no excuse, and I know that: if I can make the time for the Aerosmith posts, I can make the time for other posts as well.  Gotcha.  Hang tight: more Aerosmith and non-Aerosmith is coming your way before the day is out.

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