Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Philly Roots

So you really want to celebrate Turned On Its Ear's first birthday?  Here's my suggestion: forget 31 Holi-Days, Trick Tuesday, and all the other popular stuff.  You want a series?  Why not head back to our first weekend of existence as Will Z's Blog Thing, wherein Rhea and I took a very last minute, off the cuff trip down to Philadelphia, largely to gorge ourselves at a few places featured on Adam Richman's most excellent Man v. Food.

At the risk of being a bit too self-congratulatory, this little series reads better than I ever would have expected it to a year on.  For a first at bat, though, it's not half bad; hardly a home run or even an RBI, but a nice solid single at least.  I hadn't completely fine tuned the tone and feel of the blog yet, but it at least feels like it belongs with my more recent posts.  It's hardly the first thing I'd point a new reader towards on here, but for (more or less) the first thing I really wrote for this blog, it's held up pretty well.  Or maybe it's just that 8-Twelve still cracks me up even a year later, who knows?

Wanna know exactly what that last sentence means?  The line for the time machine is right over here.

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