Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kirk Cameron vs. Modernity

Alright, fine: this bit of washed-up celebrity blather has turned up enough on my Facebook wall this morning that I suppose it's worth a paragraph or two.  There are about a million predictable reactions I could have to this, and you probably already know what most of them are.  Of course I object to the idea that the tenets of the Bible should be enacted wholesale into law; not believing in the traditional Judeo-Christian portrayal of God will do that for a blogger.  I also believe that anti-gay prejudice should have gone out of style long before Growing Pains did.  But anyone reading this blog knows all of that already.

Instead, I'll leave it at this: I feel sorry for guys like Cameron.  It boggles my mind that people - particularly those who work in the arts - would systematically close themselves off from the talents and ideas of an entire population, due simply to the text of an ancient book and some behind-closed-doors activities that no one is forcing (not to mention inviting) them to participate in.

Chin up, little trooper, and learn to love - or at least acknowledge the equal rights of - your brother.  After all, he may have amazing things to teach you that have nothing to do with all that gross sex stuff that "God" says is a no-no.  Imagine that.

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