Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beyond the Pale

Aerosmith/Cheap Trick (the latter as openers, natch) tour announced today.

They did this before, back in 2004, and I thought it worked out pretty well.  Clearly, from what's available elsewhere on this blog, I love both bands.  In a perfect world for me, the order of appearance and respective allotted performance times would be reversed, but c'est la vie.  Given that Cheap Trick have to do the opening rounds from time to time, I'm far more cool with them warming up for Aerosmith than, say, the Poison/Def Leppard debacle that mostly just depressed the hell out of me back in 2009.

For whatever silly reason, I made the mistake of wandering on to Aerosmith's official forum.  I get that not every Aerosmith fan is obligated to like Cheap Trick, and so most of the negative comments rolled right off for me.  Two, however, stood out.  One poster suggested that Aerosmith should be touring with someone hipper and more currently relevant.  This person's suggestion?  Slash.  Apparently, this poster somehow missed the memo that this already happened - in 1988.  Hipness, I suppose, is in the eye of the beholder.  It's also often best ignored when the weight of your legacy dictates that you need not be concerned with it.

Even better than that was the Aerosmith fan who referred to Cheap Trick as "a bunch of old guys."  Let's let the facts do the talking, shall we:

Steven Tyler: born 3/26/48, age 64
Robin Zander: born 1/23/53, age 59

Actually, they're both (at least borderline) "old guys."  Zander's got much more of his vocal range left, and Tyler's more athletic on stage.  My advice?  Grab a ticket and enjoy 'em both while you still can.

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