Monday, February 13, 2012

The Grammys: Music's Blandest Night

Ahh, the Grammy awards: the one night a year that I'm absolutely proud beyond belief to be a snob.  On the positive side, I found Glen Campbell's performance absolutely heartwarming; the guy's got Alzheimer's disease and is aware that he's deteriorating, and he still looked like he was having more fun than every other performer put together.  I like the Foo Fighters in that way that I'll never completely love them, but I consistently enjoy them when they pop up somewhere.  I think Adele's got talent; I admire the way she belts without showboating like an American Idol wannabe, but I don't think I could sit through an entire album of her.  I dug L.L. Cool J as a host, too: he was personable and kept things moving at a nice, gamely clip.

The rest was the rest: modern country will never be for this proud Yankee, and that Taylor Swift song about how people who don't think she's the greatest thing since sliced Velveeta are just freaking mean was all kinds of painful.  Yeah, I know, it's not fair to criticize a teenager for being her age, but I'd be lying if I called her performance anything other than cringe-worthy.  Still, she was better than Paul McCartney, who simply cannot sing on key anymore.  That closing Abbey Road medley was probably the strongest case in favor of Auto-Tune I've ever heard.  The rest was music for people who don't actively listen to music.  Music as background hum, something to make the commute more bearable, the reason artists like Katy Perry or Nickelback sell in the millions. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but it does make the Grammys' use of "Best" in names of their awards pretty arguable.  "Favorite" or "Most Popular", sure, but there are as many "Best"s as there are individual listeners.

PS: I had originally intended to voice my disgust with the continued career viability of Chris Brown by simply paying him no mention at all.  Then I saw this.  Warning: click that link only if you have nerves of steel and an iron stomach.  Seriously: what the fuck is wrong with people?

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