Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Happy Rush Day!  2/1/12...2112...get it? Or, for that matter, Geddy it?  Are you getting it?  Arma-Geddy it!  Dear lord, I'll stop before the one-armed drummer jokes start.

Enough nonsense: time to nerd out, motherfuckers!*

* "nerd" and "motherfuckers" in this case are a set that includes your humble blogger, proud owner of every last album Canada's finest have ever put forth.  They say that the music you like in your early teens will stay with you for the rest of your life, and in this case it's positively the truth.  Predictably, this bit of fandom never helped me one bit with the ladies, but it did make me demand good drumming in all of the other music (read: generally not prog-metal) I'd go on to obsess over later in life.  And the meeeeek shall inheerit the earf!  It's completely awesome.  It's completely silly.  It's awesomely silly.  And what about those drums, man - let's see Rick Allen try that shit!

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