Monday, January 30, 2012

Meta: February is the New January

Let's try this again.

The bad news is that Turned on Its Ear never really seemed to hit cruising altitude in January.  Blame it on the family, blame it on that post-holiday malaise, blame it on the rain.  Or, you could just blame it on me: without a plan or a series going into the month, there just wasn't that much that seemed to demand comment from me.  Joe Paterno's death?  Obama's State of the Union speech?  I shrug in the general direction of both, knowing that I've got nothing more than that shrug to add to the millions of words that have already been thrown at the page by others on both subjects.  I also don't care one way or the other about that Facebook Timeline thing.  And so on - you get the point.  January, schmanuary.

The good news is that February is right around the corner, and I've got some exciting things planned for the blog in the coming month.  For starters, we'll have two new series: a weekly one to begin tomorrow (more details on that later this evening), and a daily mini-series, sort of a scaled-down 31 Holi-Days , to run mid-month.  Beyond all of that, I also pledge at least one other substantial post per week.  You know, a real post, not just some Japanese folks mangling a Toto song or something called the Purity Bear.

A bit further into this year, Turned on Its Ear turns one year old in March; expect celebrations to follow.  Between then and now, though, I assure you that hibernation time is over.  As always, my deepest appreciation to all of you who continue to check in.

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