Monday, January 9, 2012

General Update: Mom, Meta, Music (new Therapy? single/video)

First things first: Rhea's mom is home from the hospital and recovering according to prognosis.  You wouldn't call her comfortable by any stretch of the word's meaning; even with the surgery, she's still got a fair amount of pain ahead of her, unfortunately.  Still, it's far better to be uncomfortable at home with family and familiar surroundings around you than it is to feel that way and be an island in the stream on a hospital bed.  Her most common complaint?  "I just don't know where to put myself."  That probably sums it up better than any of my writerly musings can.

Meta-blogging: so, yeah, obviously some heavy family stuff going on.  As a result, my new mid-week/weekend schedule for new posts didn't quite launch as projected.  With everything normalizing, I should be back on track with it going forward: figure two new posts every week, one each by Wednesday and Sunday.  This doesn't preclude there being more than two posts in a week, but there will be a minimum of two going forward from here.

Last piece of random-ness: the tune that's been kicking my ass all afternoon.  Although they never made nearly as much of a commercial stir here in the States as they did in other parts of the world, Irish punk-metal trio Therapy? remain one of my favorite musical exports of the '90s.  Today, they posted to YouTube (embedded below) a video for "Living in the Shadow of the Terrible Thing", the first single from their forthcoming album A Brief Crack of Light, due February 6th.  It's very strong stuff: a veritable clinic in how deft use of space and an inventive, way above average rhythm section can make your punk-metal band that much different than all other punk-metal bands.  Admittedly, this is from the end of my listening spectrum that probably makes Rhea wish that I liked glam metal way more than I do - sorry about that, darlin' - but some of the rest of you might really dig this.

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