Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Longer "Out of Touch"

I don't care if this is nothing more than a silly attempt by some corporate executive to create something that goes viral and thusly propels his career up the ladder.  I had absolutely no idea how much I needed the ability to hit a speed-dial number on my cell phone and hear my choice of "One on One", "Rich Girl", "Maneater" or "Private Eyes".  For that matter, I also had no idea how much I needed to save "Hall & Oates" as one of my cell phone's contacts.

Like most new-to-the-market tech products, Callin' Oates - which wonderfully describes itself as "your emergency Hall & Oates help line" - isn't without its bugs.  Were I truly having a Hall & Oates emergency, I'd probably also need "Out of Touch", "She's Gone" and "Kiss On My List" to be available choices.  Still, it's a great idea whose time has come.

That number again: 719-26-OATES.  You know you want to.

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