Thursday, December 8, 2011

[31 Holi-Days #8] Christmas in the Bronx (...and in Manhattan)

The picture says it all, really: snapped literally out of our car window while using local streets to avoid a major traffic snarl on the Deegan.  Proof positive to the rest of the country that there's tacky, and then there's Bronx tacky.

For those of you looking for something a bit more sentimental, I suppose I could explain how I came to snap a photo of Bronx Christmas lights that clearly took their inspiration from the design of the adult theaters of the pre-Disney 42nd Street.  On a complete whim, I literally up and ran out my door once my work was done for the day, to surprise Rhea with a dinner date once she was done with her grad school classes for the evening.  I dunno - maybe the idea was subliminally implanted by all of those Hugh Grant references in yesterday's snark-a-thon.  It was a wonderful date full of holiday magic - we ate at Tom's Restaurant (yes, the eatery of Seinfeld and Suzanne Vega fame, and also one of the best cheap eats in Manhattan.)  Fully nourished, we headed downtown to check out tree now that the Bieber Brothers, Diamond and Carey Circus had long since left town.  Cheesy?  You bet, but also a long standing tradition for us.  Cue the inevitable cute photo:

Granted, it's not much of a story, but then it doesn't really have to be.  I don't need the holidays to remind me how absolutely fortunate I am to have found true love, but there's certainly no such thing as a bad reason to celebrate it.  (As for the alligator mittens she's holding in the photo...well, you'll have to ask Rhea about that one herself.  Part of true love is knowing that there are some things you just can't explain.)

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