Saturday, December 31, 2011

[31 Holi-Days #31] The End and the Beginning

And here we are: the end of this Holiday extravaganza.  As I type this, it's about eleven and a half hours until the world begins anew.  That, for me, is the best part of New Year's Eve: the opportunity to wipe the slate and invent it all again.  The air of hopefulness on people's faces, even if it is only for one night and somewhat alcohol-induced.  I've always been a big proponent of the idea that it doesn't matter how you get somewhere; the only important part is that you do indeed arrive.

Rhea and I have decided to pretty much stay in this year, with a possible escape clause to the ball drop in White Plains should we feel like we'd like to get out somewhere as the night wears on.  We kind of had our big night out already this week for karaoke on Wednesday, and we've got another one planned with some old work friends towards the end of next week.  The last seven days have been fairly chaotic in our corner of the world: Christmas, relatives, 90th birthdays, Rhea's mom's broken shoulder, the list goes on.  Nothing we can't handle, but enough to make junk food and Wii games sound like a greater end to 2011 than listening to loud strangers and bad music in a bar somewhere.

With the impending dawn of a new year inevitably comes two things: predictions and resolutions.  As for the former, I have next to none.  I predict that the Mayan Calendar will replace Harold Camping/Family Radio as the apocalypse du jour, and counter with the idea that I'm far more worried about what will happen given the current field of unacceptable candidates for next year's Presidential election than any visions seen by a society that didn't even manage to foresee their own demise.  Doom from the skies is always far less likely than destruction originating from within our own ranks.  All we can do about it is hope for both the best, and for a higher standard to be demanded.  I'm already doing both.

In general, I also find resolutions to be mostly for the birds, but I do have one for this year.  Without question, the most gratifying aspect of doing this daily series for me has been to watch the numbers jump, to look at my stats and see that people were beginning to actually tune in daily for the latest posts.  Therefore, I'm resolving to keep a new schedule for Turned on Its Ear going forward: new content both mid-week and on the weekend every single week.  Let's define it as two new posts - one each by Wednesday and Sunday - every week, with anything else I come up with to post above and beyond that just a bonus.  This series has proven far too exciting for me to allow any more tumbleweeds on this blog, and I thank each and every person who's read even a bit of it for that.  Daily content is a lot to come up with, especially given the demands of life, work, and family, but bi-weekly content?  No problem.  Please stay tuned.

Beyond all of that, my resolution is the same as it is every year: to better this year.  To learn, do, see, and involve myself with more, and to be happy - as I am very much so right now - with where things stand one year from right now.  As the world prepares to begin yet again, I wish the same for all of you.

See you in 2012.  By Wednesday, for sure.

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