Thursday, December 22, 2011

[31 Holi-Days #22] Last Minute Status Check

We're now less than three days out from Christmas, which means it's status check time.  All of my presents have been purchased, and all of them that needed to ship have arrived in the mail.  All but one of them have been crudely gift wrapped by my team of not-quite-gifted five year olds me.  The other one, which I had to pick up on the fly yesterday when it was discovered that we needed another gift for someone, will be wrapped just as soon as I stop being A BIG, DIAPERED BABY about the fact that I had to buy it after I'd wrapped the others.  I'll man up an do it shortly after I finish this post and finish recording my Christmas album, Butt-Hurt for the Holidays.  On second thought, maybe I'll hand that title off to some shitty emo band and just wrap the goddamned present.  Sounds like a plan.

With all systems pretty much go, I now get to take a deep breath from all of this Holiday mania.  As does Rhea: I haven't mentioned her as much in the last week or so of 31 Holi-Days posts because she has been sidelined with the end of semester crunch.  Two of her three Graduate courses for this semester are complete as of this writing, and the third is well on its way.  She could also use a deep breath.  It's a good thing that we've got one scheduled for later this evening.

Nearly every year, Jesse Malin does a hometown show right before Christmas, and Rhea and I do our best to get there.  We were in the audience for the show that formed the basis of his Mercury Retrograde live album a few years back; this time around, he's promising a three-tiered show: acoustic, electric, and covers.  Should be a great time, and the whole shindig benefits Toys for Tots.  While the recent (and, apparently, continuing) D Generation reunion has gotten a lot of coverage on this blog in the last few months, Malin's work as a solo artist is equally inspired; his most recent album, Love it to Life, is certainly one of my absolute favorite records in recent memory.

It's an interesting thing: while it's obviously in my best interest as a blogger to post about the holiday traditions that most of us participate in, there are also the small traditions.  The ones unique to your family, your relationship, your corner of the world.  For Rhea and I this is one of them, and as usual the timing is perfect for a few hours off from the holiday-work-writing-shopping-family treadmill, no matter how accomplished and gratifying much of that has been this year.  Sometimes, it's just as important to hit pause for a moment or two, to jump up and down and sing along, to move your body in the artificial light - and to power up for the home stretch all the while.

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