Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[31 Holi-Days #20] The Best Sundown in December

Happy Chanukah!  Sundown is just moments away as I type these words, which means that candles and presents are sure to follow.  Not to mention food: delicious, belly-filling food.  Before dating Rhea and being introduced to a wider range of Jewish culture and tradition, I held the same misconceptions that most outsides do of the culinary end of Judaism: that everything was gefilte fish and unleavened bread.  Don't get me wrong: that stuff is there, and all these years later I still avoid it like the plague, but there is also brisket and rugelach and kugel and all sorts of delicious stuff.  Perhaps best of all, there is that old Chanukah favorite, the latke.  Deep fried crispy potato goodness; even if you could resist, why would you want to?  For those about to gorge, I salute you.

To those whose holidays begin tonight: may your candles burn bright, may your presents be right, and may your in-laws not fight.  Mazel tov!  Oh, and if you need to pass some time until the festivities get under way, why not rock the virtual dreidel game?

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