Monday, December 19, 2011

[31 Holi-Days #19] Of Love, Laughter and Creative Obscenity

I found myself on line at Sam's Club this evening, behind a couple who looked to be in their late 20s or early 30s.  (Disclaimer: relying on my ability to determine someone's age on sight is only slightly more advisable than depending on Stevie Wonder's parking skills.  We all have talents, and that simply isn't one of mine).  They are discussing when they'll be visiting whose parents during the coming holiday week, and both of them seem equally - and mutually - fed up with the politics of it all.  It's mundane in that way that most of us can nevertheless empathize with until the following exchange:

[He:] Your mother seriously wants us there on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  Jesus.  Fuck me with a reindeer antler.
[She:] What did you just say?  (She shoves him playfully; both they and I begin to laugh.)
[He, to me:] Oh shit, did I say that really loud?
[Me:] Eh, no worries.  It was a great line.  (All involved laugh some more.)

Well, it was a great line.  Thinking back on it now that I'm home, I'm left feeling extremely grateful that everyone I'm going to see in the next week-ish is someone I actually want to spend time with.  I also like the fact that these two folks laughed about their predicament rather than simply fuming over it; 'tis the sort of reaction that solutions - and tight families - are borne of. 

I'm also slightly jealous, given that I truly wish that I'd coined the phrase fuck me with a reindeer antler myself.  Well played, Christmas stranger, well played.

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