Friday, December 16, 2011

[31 Holi-Days #16] Griswold Alley, Week Three

To be completely honest with y'all, Griswold Alley is beginning to piss me off a bit this year.  For every ridiculous display that goes up, another previously seen one disappears.  Every other night or so, there I am with my camera, standing in the middle of the street like a truly schmucky Jimmy Olsen, hoping that all the bright lights will go on at once, for once.  Christ, I'm nearly as bad as the slow-moving, camera-wielding Times Square tourists that I revel in making pushing gestures behind this time of year.  Waah waah boo hoo.

Enough crying and enough waiting on others, then.  This is our contribution.  Please note -and give us due good-taste credit for - our lack of large inflatable things in the yard.

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