Monday, November 21, 2011

Outside of a Random Small Shop on My Block, Noon-ish Today

The picture's not great, since I had to grab it and run, but this is a stack of Borders distribution boxes, all sealed up with that company's famous security tape ("stop tape" in the parlance of the stockroom), being delivered to a random little store at the top of my block around mid-day today.  That's kind of strange, right?  Where did they come from, nearly two months after Borders honored its final coupon?  What sort of dregs and detritus could possibly be in them?  Why are they being delivered to an image printing/blueprinting store?  I swear there's a mystery novel waiting to be written from this photo, were someone so inclined.

Also in this photo: my thumb, in the upper-left corner.  I will find a way to blame that on my mentally deficient phone, and edit this post accordingly.  Maybe after dinner.

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