Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trick Tuesday: (Pause)

Sorry, folks: no Trick Tuesday this week.  Think of it like the small pause between an album and its bonus tracks on a reissued/remastered CD.  The way I see it, we've got three more weeks of Trick Tuesdays to go, now that we're through all of the studio and official live albums: a week for solo albums and offshoots, a week for compilations and boxed sets, and a big wrap-up/send-off for the project.  Looking back, I see that the intro to the series was posted on May 30th.  If all goes according to plan, the final entry will post on November 1st.  That's about as close to five months on the dot as you can get.  I like it.

We're skipping this week due to a time crunch in my life: I'm flying out to Memphis for five days for a wedding tomorrow.  I'd been hoping to get this week's Trick Tuesday done before I left, but there's just been too much last minute packing and planning, and I'd rather push a lengthy post like "solos & side projects" off until next week, when I can do it some justice time-wise.  Either that, or I'm looking for any excuse to delay actually having to listen to the Tom Petersson and Another Language EP again.  You be the judge.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this picture, posted sometime last week to Cheap Trick's official Facebook page.  Robin Zander with Joey Ramone in Rockford, sometime in 1977.  Amazing to think that neither of the gents in this photo - two of my favorite rock singers of all time - were even remotely famous yet.

See you next week!

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