Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lou Reed & Metallica: Your Point Is...?

Ooh, me too!  I don't want to be the only music-related stop on the internerd that's not yammering on about this one!

Honestly, what in the hell were people expecting?  This sounds precisely like what I imagined when the collaboration was first announced.  It sounds like Lou Reed doing what he does into a microphone, while Metallica do what they do with their instruments.  It seemed like a bad idea when I first heard about it.  Judging by this advance single, it is a bad idea.

Both Lou Reed and Metallica have made albums I've really enjoyed at various points in my life.  Neither has, in my opinion, made a great record since the end of the '80s.  In fact, both made their last front-to-back A-list record within a year of each other: Metallica's And Justice for All (released in August, 1988) and Lou's New York (released in January, 1989). I've no doubt that all involved took on this project simply because they wanted to work together: both artists are already established legends, and neither particularly needs to increase their profile.  Good on 'em for trying something a bit outside the box, but good intentions don't guarantee great art.  "The View" is proof positive of that.

But really, why all the consternation?  It sounds like Lou Reed shouting his lyrics over Metallica riffing.  The result is predictably unpleasant.  The surprising part of that is..what, exactly?

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