Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rhea's Defective Internal Jukebox: Robbie Williams, "Rock DJ"

Cor blimey guv'nor!  Me lassie Rhea reckons I should write one of them Defective Internal Jukebox bits about this Robbie Williams lad and his toe-tapper "Rock DJ", which she's had atop her noggin for a fortnight or so now.  I say gobshite: it's me opinion that Robbo never made much nevermind here in the colonies, and since Blogger Statistics tells me that I don't have much of any readership originating over in Old Blighty, I just can't be arsed with the bugger.  It's right easy to see why, too: not ten seconds into the bloody thing, our lad Robbo rhymes "floor show" and "torso", and then proceeds to spend the next four minutes sounding like a right daft twit.  I mean, really - an ex-boy-band Brit affecting a quasi hip-hop inflection is always going to throw a spanner in the works from the get-go, innit?  Crikey!

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