Saturday, September 17, 2011

D Generation and Eddie Trunk: Countdown to 1999

Just home from riding around with Rhea, listening to the best and most surreal hour and a half of New York radio in recent memory: Jesse Malin and Danny Sage of D Generation on Eddie Trunk's Friday Night Rocks.  Actual thought train, about halfway through an airing of "Working on the Avenue", from D Gen's 1994 self-titled debut:

1) This song is currently being played on the radio.
2) This song is being played on Q104, home to one of the most restrictive classic-rock playlists known to mankind during daylight hours.
3) This song is being played on Eddie Trunk's show, which goes some of the way toward explaining it, but still...
4) This song is currently being played on the radio!

The best part was Trunk's enthusiasm, which came through the radio waves clear as a bell. Previously, I kind of doubted that anyone was as excited about tomorrow night's show as I am.  Now, I'm honored to be in such good company.  Amazing stuff all around; bring on tomorrow night at Irving Plaza!

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