Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trick Thursday!

Free show at Coney Island tonight!

Should be a blast.  Rhea and I are heading down there in a few hours, leaving ourselves enough time for some Nathan's and Cyclone action before the gig.  If anyone out there is going, I'll be the big-ish guy with the messy/spiky hair in the obnoxious yellow Rockford t-shirt.  If by some freak of coincidence there happens to be someone else at the show who fits that description, I humbly apologize.

We had a great kick-off to our week of concerts of varying quality last night.  Initially, I had planned to blog about each gig the day after it happened, but looking at my schedule for the next few days I have no idea how I might even begin to pull that off.  Instead, I've decided to do it all next week and do it some justice, rather than slapping out some sloppy shit as we go just to say I did.  Be sure to check back in next week for some scribbles - and, if all goes according to plan - video diaries of our stay-at-home vacation week.

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