Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rockin' the Tumbleweeds

Just a quick check-in to apologize for the recent silence around these parts: Rhea and I have been hard at work in the last few weeks on both developing her business and starting a new one more centered around me, which you’ll all be hearing more about once the idea is closer to launch.  Beyond that, I’ve begun writing a screenplay (!), which is currently occupying huge chunks of my creative writing time. I’m sorry for not hanging out here as much as I generally like to of recent, but life gets like that sometimes.  Thank you for continuing to check in here, even if all there is to find between Trick Tuesdays is a fresh supply of tumbleweeds these days.

The happy ending is that there will be all kinds of new content here at the Blog Thing, starting no later than a week or so from now.  Rhea and I have a “stay-cation” (good lord, I hate that phrase) involving several concerts of debatable artistic merit beginning a week from tomorrow, and my reporting on same will be both diligent and timely, scout’s honor.   (Believe it or not, I was a scout, too!)

“What are you guys going to see?”  Sorry, can’t answer that.  I’ve got to bait the trap and get you to check back here when this series begins next Thursday somehow.  Oh, and if you heard somebody whispering something about the Blog Thing’s first-ever original video content being a part of all of this, well…that may or may not have been me.

I now fear I’ve said too much.  Look, all you need to know is this: Trick Tuesday: Busted next Tuesday, and then the late-summer fun begins two days later.  And, hell, maybe some other stuff before all of that, too.  Rebels like me don’t follow the man’s schedule, you dig?

Or something like that.  As always, thank you for spending even a small sliver of your entertainment time here; it is deeply and humbly appreciated.


  1. Weren't we starting our crap-a-thon on Wednesday? Just checking...I've got my $13 for the tolls all set!

  2. *ahem* "several concerts of debatable artistic merit beginning a week from tomorrow"

    Today is Tuesday. A week from tomorrow = next Wednesday. Stands to reason that I'd blog about our "big" kick-off event the next morning, which would be Thursday. Geez, can't you Mathletes add anything up? :)

    Love you, darling.

  3. Of course, what our readers who don't know us personally won't realize is that, not being a Mathlete, I will inevitably turn out to be wrong about all of this. Rhea will see to that, even if she has to invoke some sort of mathematic formula known only to druids and hippies.

    Once this happens, I will pretend to have learned my lesson about posting snarky responses to her while over-tired. Then, somewhere down the road, this will all happen again. Believe it.

    In fact, don't stop believin' it. Mayhaps there was a clue in there for y'all.