Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Series: The Re-Rip Chronicles

Over the past month or two, I’ve begun ripping my CD collection bit by bit in lossless FLAC format to an external hard drive.  My reasons for embarking on this hopelessly geeky endeavor are twofold: I’d like to move into the twenty-first century, and I’d also like to let some of my lesser-played discs go live in boxes up in the attic and reclaim some space from the jaws of the clutter-monster.  I’m not convinced I’m looking to sell the stuff: honestly, it took me too long to track it all down back in the pre-download days.  What’s more, used CD’s are all but worthless at this point, and I don’t really see that changing in the future.  Still, this is 2011: how many decade-at-least-old import CD singles does one really need at arm’s length, practically speaking?

Because this task is as mind-numbingly tedious as it is hopelessly geeky, I do it in fits and starts, generally as the mood hits me to listen to something I haven’t really dusted off in a while.  I rip the album I wanted to listen to, cue the files up for playback in Winamp, and rip whatever else I’ve got hanging around by that artist while I listen and do whatever else on the computer.  As a result, I’ve listened to a lot of music I really haven’t spun in some time.  In this new occasional series, I’ll discuss and review albums that really strike me as I hear them again: ones I’ve either over- or underrated or ones that I’m just happy to report still sound as great as ever.

So, will this occasional series last a bit longer than such one-entry wonders as Old Favorites (which this series will largely replace) or Grampa Will’s College Tips (which I’ll be restarting as the back-to-school sales hit full frenzy in the next few weeks, no doubt)?  We shall see.  Never let it be said that the Blog Thing doesn’t love its meaningless suspense.

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