Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Leatherface live album stream

Available right here, all ye lovers of gravel-voiced punk wisdom.  It's too late right now for me to dive into this one without risking being awake until the dawn, but I'll be doing the review thing tomorrow or Friday, once I've had a chance to sink into it a bit.  No bonus points awarded for predicting a big ol' positive: this is easily the album I've most been looking forward to this summer.

New to Leatherface?  Ahh, it's also too late in the evening for me to even begin to give 'em the introduction they so richly deserve, but try this on for size: think Tom Waits, Motörhead, and Hüsker Dü all at the same time, and then imagine such a thing actually being great.  It's an acquired taste for sure, but those of us who manage to pick it up don't generally ever want to let it go.

Huge thanks to Amp Magazine for making it available before my pre-order ships!

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