Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cheap Trick Stage Collapse: Audio Recording

If any of you are curious and have an account on, there's a really high quality audience audio recording of the Ottawa Bluesfest fiasco up there right now.  Direct link right here, but it probably won't work unless you have an account on that site and are signed in.  (For those of you following the comments thread, "fillyrboots" = me.)

The fun starts just after 2:30 in on "Tonight It's You": you can hear the wind start blowing, then some/all of the stage amplification drops out.  The band cuts the song short, albeit seamlessly; seconds later, you can hear the stage collapse.  The taper leaves his rig running for another three minutes or so afterwords, capturing the ensuing chaos and some of the comments of the crowd: "We just watched Cheap Trick die."

Thank god for adrenaline-soaked overstatement.  As it turns out, they'll live to play a free gig at Coney Island on August 18th.  If the stage there is built half as well as the Cyclone, we'll be good to go.  See ya there.

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  1. Love! Can't wait to see the Trick with you at Coney. What a perfect start to our week of "music". :)