Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Minutes of Uplift and Inspiration

For all that I like to present myself as a cool, rational, well-informed, well-balanced kinda dude, the truth is that sometimes I need a bit of inspiration just like anyone else.  Call me a Hallmark-loving wuss if you must, but sometimes we all just need that little extra push up the hill.  When I feel like I’m flagging a bit, I turn to one of America’s most beloved inspirational speakers: the one and only Richard Simmons.  Laugh all you want, but I guarantee you won’t be chuckling anymore if you just push play on the embedded video below and give this special little man just two minutes of your day.

(By the way: when I said you wouldn’t be chuckling anymore, I meant that in the “actually, you’ll be fucking rolling on the floor instead” sense.)

Thank you, Richard.  Thank you for youSweatin’ to the F-Bombs is the best diet plan I’ve ever been on!

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