Friday, June 10, 2011

Russell Crowe: Chop-Blocker

I’m sure that the early stages of new parenthood are chock full of all kinds of decisions that the happy parents hadn’t even considered that they’d ever have to consider.  I’m sure that the combination of being under-slept and overwhelmed leads people to ask all sorts of questions, and to ask them of nearly anybody who happens to be in the immediate area.  As much as a guy who’s never been through it can, I get it.

All of that acknowledged, who in the hell tweets Russell Crowe of all people for advice on something like this?  How does that thought process go?  “Honey, I know we’ve reached an impasse on whether or not to get little Tucker circumcised.  So I was thinking: why don’t we use this newfangled Twitter contraption to ask Russell Crowe what we should do?  He’d know, right?  I mean, who better to advise us on an important medical and spiritual decision concerning our child than a b-list celebrity?”

I can only hope that I’m being a bit too harsh here.  Perhaps Crowe wasn’t the couple’s first choice of counsel.  Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anthony Weiner just aren’t answering their tweets right now.

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