Monday, May 9, 2011

Keep them Cards and Letters Coming!

I figured I'd post this since I've had a couple of "friend of a friend" questions about how to drop me a line on this blog.  If you'd like to leave a comment on a particular post, just click underneath it where it says "0 comments" (or however many comments there are), and follow the on-screen instructions from there.  Still confused?  Check out this helpful illustration:
If you'd like to share your thoughts in private, you can send me an email by clicking my profile photo (the one of me sitting in a subway) that appears down towards the bottom-right of every page.  Looks like this:

From there, you'll be taken to a new page.  Click on "email" in the "contact" box, located on the middle-left side of the screen, and you're good to go.  More pretty pictures (gotta love the Windows 7 Snipping Tool!):
Feel free to comment, complain, congratulate, or just tell me a good joke if the mood strikes you.  Also, please feel free to contribute any better-name-for-this-blog suggestions you may have: Will Z's Blog Thing was always meant to be a placeholder, but if it sticks around any longer I may learn to love it, which would be counterproductive to my goal of replacing it.  Seriously: best name gets a free drink, even if I have to figure out how to air-mail it to Alaska.

As always, my sincerest gratitude to everyone who takes the time to read something here.

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  1. I'd comment more, but you clearly have all of the good writing genes in our union. However, when you need an annoyingly catchy children's song stuck in your head, I'm here to help. Case in point: I made the mistake of playing "Let's go Bananas" for the kids in the afternoon group today. It still hasn't left my head. Love you!