Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend (plus a day or two) in Review: 4/20/11

Sorry we went dark for a few days, but Passover will do that for you.  Rhea’s mom is Jewish, and I’ve got nothing against taking more holidays on board, especially those where brisket is part of the celebration.  Passover deserves a post of its own, and we’ll get there soonishly.  Before that, I’d like to take a moment to do a bit of catching up with things brought up in the last week or so of posts.

Record Store Day turned out to be a pass, despite the pull of the siren song of Lez Zeppelin and the ensuing mating calls of the great unwashed.  Saturday was cold and rainy, and I never did come up with a good answer to this wise internal question: “why are you going to schlep yourself into Manhattan on a nasty, raw day to participate in something that has been nothing but irritating the previous two go-rounds?”  I read either a blog post or forum spew (forgot to bookmark and can’t find again, sorry) written by somebody who was at J&R when they opened, and described the exact kind of bedlam that I found so unappealing last year.  Sweaty social malcontents trampling one another to claim gold medals that no one with a real life could give half a shit about?  No thanks.

As for the two records I was vaguely interested in, eBay says the following: both the Foo Fighters covers LP and the Green Day/Hüsker Dü split single are still readily available.  The Foos LP sells for about $30 a copy; too rich for my blood and/or interest level, but I’d like to thank the little green monster for leaving a nice bag of pirate booty in my download folder.  Don’t know how that could have gotten there, coppers, honest!  As for Green Dü, they’re generally hanging out in the $10-$15 range with no bites; give me a nudge when we’re down around $5, and maybe I’ll reconsider.  Or maybe not: if I want a single with “Don’t Want to Know if You are Lonely” on it, I’m still perfectly content to go O.G.:

[In Robin Leach voice:] From the author's personal collection.
Since even I’ve got to admit that I’m actually tracking American Idol at this point, well, what the hell was up with Paul McDonald getting the boot?  Seriously, he was the only one of the lot I actually enjoyed listening to, and he was the only one who had the first clue as to how to work a stage and audience.  Too bad the judges wasted their save on Casey Abrams, who remains utterly wickety-wack, as the kids used to put it.  It’s also too bad that watching this show has apparently turned me into a flat-out clucking hen; can a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a subscription to People be far behind at this point?

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