Monday, April 4, 2011

Rhea's Defective Internal Jukebox: Bring the Pain!

I’ve mentioned before that Rhea, my other half, is one of Westchester County’s most sought-after children’s entertainers.  What I may not have mentioned until now is that long before she became the great Miss Rhea, she was one of Westchester County’s foremost hair metal enthusiasts.  Yes, while I was busy cultivating the fine taste that keeps you coming back to this blog, she was taping pictures of bands like Mr. Big and Bon Jovi up on her wall.  Thankfully, I have the more refined musical palate that restores us as a couple to coolness.  Those Iron Maiden albums you see piled up next to the Jawbreaker LPs in my vinyl storage?  Why, those are just a figment of your imagination of course, nothing to see there, move right along.  But I digress.

I bring all of this up for a reason: between the kids toons, the rawkin’ hair metal riffage, and the decade or so she spent working at a Sam Goody, Rhea has a remarkable penchant for getting some of the worst music imaginable stuck on repeat on her internal jukebox.  Since she has absolutely no qualms about inflicting this horror upon me, I have decided to share the wealth with you, my beloved readership, in a recurring feature I’d like to call RHEA’S DEFECTIVE INTERNAL JUKEBOX.  Why, you ask?  Simple: because I refuse to be the only human being in the world trying to decide whether I like Skid Row or the Fresh Beat Band less.  Friends, I simply can’t go it alone any longer: I need your help, and likely your support.

Here’s how this is going to work: I’ll embed an appropriate YouTube video for each entry in this series, along with a few comments of my own.  From there, it’s up to you: please feel free to use the comments section to commiserate, offer your condolences, tell me you’ve been there too…or even cuss me out for pooh-poohing on one of your favorite songs.

It all begins right now, in our very next post.

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