Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook Anxiety

I finally know how luddites must feel on a daily basis.

In general, I’m not really the kind of guy who runs a race in cement-soled Chuck Taylors.  I dig technology and believe that the changes we’ve seen in our culture as the result of it are simply evidence of the unavoidable march of time.  Things are no better or worse now than they ever were, and rose colored glasses don’t do much to protect you against UV rays.  New technologies aren’t necessarily an either/or proposition: for example, I’ve got an Atari hooked up to my bedroom TV, and a Wii out in the living room, simply because I enjoy the things that each can do that the other can’t.  Most of the time, I dig new stuff just as much as I dug the old stuff…but, man, have I ever avoided Facebook with the sort of zeal and determination generally reserved for true heroes and/or whack-a-loons.

As sure as I’m sitting here typing this right now, I am painfully aware that the time for this kid to enter the twenty-first century in social terms is nigh.  Until now, it hasn’t really bothered me to sit this dance out: honestly, I’ve got enough friends in that vast expanse known as the offline world.  While I love them all dearly, I have no real need to know where and when they’re eating, relaxing, watching TV, or pooping; if I had a Facebook status to speak of, it would likely be set to “indifferent”.  So why budge now?

For the same reason that I’m writing and you’re reading this.  Aside from its lousy title, I really love this blog.  I’m grateful for the discipline it has forced me to have as a writer (can’t go more than three days without a post or SHARKS MIGHT ATTACK or something), and I’m extremely proud of what’s here so far.  I’d really like to take it to the next level, to attract a much larger audience, and that means promotion.  Promotion means social networking, and social networking means beginning with Facebook; it probably also means moving on from there to Twitter and from there to points even more inane, but one step at a time for Grandpa Will, okay?  To be completely honest, I’d like the eventual popularity of this blog to lead to a more permanent gig, providing similarly-toned content to someone with a payroll to blow.  Sadly for my social-only-in-person ass, none of that will happen until I stick my head out of the hidey-hole I’m writing all of this from.

Is it worth enduring what I’ll likely find on Facebook?  Of course it is, but I’d be lying through my pearly whites if I told you I was particularly thrilled about encountering the sort of folks I haven’t spoken to since High School for a reason.  Nor am I particularly enthused about having to remember to update my status to “crabby” in the midst of a bad weekend, or having more unfunny viral videos hurled my way than I can effectively ignore.  I suppose it’s possible that being on Facebook will turn out much like this blog: once I get into it, maybe I’ll wonder how I could ever have dragged my feet on it for so long.  I kind of doubt it, but as I’m well aware, anything can happen.

So we’ll put it on the timetable as happening soonishly, then: likely after the royal wedding, but before the first infidelity rumors start to fly.  This coming weekend it is, then.  Before that happens, I’d like to take this moment to thank anyone who’s already here: I’m aware that there are many, many diversions on the intertubes, and I’m honestly, humbly grateful to anyone who’s chosen to spend a bit of their free time with this one.  I promise to make making new friends as painless for all of us as possible.

Besides, once this place gets hoppin’, maybe I can host a “rename this blog” contest and come up with a decent tile for this thing once and for all.  I swear, rarely in my life has a task as seemingly simple as coming up with a decent moniker proven so daunting.

Kind of like sucking it up and opening a Facebook account, now that I mention it…

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