Friday, April 1, 2011

D Generation Across the Nation

Well, in a very literal way, yes: one show each in New York and Hollywood.

I’ve waxed fan-boy before on this blog about Jesse Malin’s fine solo albums of the last decade or so; Love it to Life was easily my favorite LP of 2010.  I first heard of him back in the ‘90s as the front man of D Generation, a band whose immaculately written and performed punk-infused hard rock made them easily NYC’s best band of that decade.  At the time of their 1999 demise, they left behind three must-own albums, and the memory of some of the best shows I saw in a time when I saw shows all the time.

I know, I know: reunion gigs are always a risky proposition.  Still, I’m willing to wager that this one won’t disappoint.  I’d also be willing to wager that this is a true one- (or two-) off, so if you live near NYC or LA, it’s probably now or never.  Go with “now.”

Honestly, I haven’t been so excited to pay ridiculous Ticketmaster fees in a long, long time.

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