Sunday, March 27, 2011

THOR: The "worst music video ever made"?

I need to stop clicking on YouTube's automatically recommended videos.  It's really that simple.  Until that happens, likely sometime around the fifteenth of never, I will continue to enjoy things like the following:

Click here for THOR!

I'm linking rather than embedding because you really need to read some of the comments.  First, you should check out the uploader comments: this thing was nominated for worst-video-hood by its director!  Then, you should head on over to page 4 of the general comments, where you will find the following, assumedly aimed at said director:

how about remove your comment or we will report you !!Thor management

Wow.  A couple of comments on that comment, then: first off, it's capitalized and punctuated about as well as Thor sings and writes songs.  More importantly, riddle me this: Thor management allowed this video to be made and distributed, but gets their panties in a twist when the director rightly calls it a piece of unmitigated crap?  Thor, good buddy, you look like the kind of guy who can get things done.  I'd head on down and shake at least a partial refund out of your management if I were you.

Oh, and by the way: yes, it's awful.  Unfortunately, it'll never be the worst video ever made so long as this still exists in the universe.

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